RIvard Enterprises (2004) Ltd. is the key to Canada Electrical construction services company specializing in the delivery of power line projects. Our safety commitment provides a framework or culture, for how we will conduct business in reponse to the company's mandate on safety, industry standards and government regulations. Our company leadership has established a goal of operating with No Lost Time Incidents. Industry standards include those set by professional bodies at the provincial and national levels, as well as by the utility industry. requirements established in provincial and national government legislation, including the Alberta Occupational Health anf Safety Act and Regulations, also impact the Safety Commitment.

We Strive to meet the requirements of customers, shareholders and employees by professionally growth and operation in an ethical manner.



We are a diversified growth-oriented business. We take pride in providing safe, quality products and services to the energy and natural resources processing industry.

At Rivard Enterprises (2004) Ltd. We recognized that our business Success depends on providing Excellent products and services through committed actions.

Providing reasonable and fair benefits for all

  • Being truthful and honest
  • Using sound decisions and business practises
  • Doing the right thing

Achieving established goals by not compromising safety, quality or schedule

  • Setting clear, attainable goals
  • Giving productive performance feedback
  • Monitoring and responding to market conditions

Building and maintaining mutually beneficial relationship

  • Consistently demonstration these core values through our actions
  • Demonstrating a "teamwork spirit" through mutual trust, respect and loyalty

Remaining focused on safety, quality and satisfaction

  • Striving to provide better products and services
  • Providing an environment where employees can learn and grow professionally
  • Emphasizing high quality performance standards